The Pulaski County Christmas Store, Inc. will strive to ensure effective communication throughout Pulaski County, so that there will be a clear understanding of its purpose within the community as a whole – – which is to  serve those children who are less fortunate and who need and require assistance to provide them with a loving and caring Christmas experience.

Who We Serve

Any family, residing in Pulaski County with children may apply.  The eligibility committee will review all applications using established eligibility criteria, which include meeting income guidelines or having an emergency situation beyond the family’s control.  Once applications are reviewed, the committee will notify eligible families and advise them how to proceed.  Applications are available at local service agencies, libraries, and private businesses throughout the county.  For more information about the application process, please call 540-553-1309

Program Success

The Pulaski County Christmas store grew out of the combined efforts of local schools, police departments, social service agencies, faith-based organizations, private citizens, volunteer organizations, and private businesses to make Christmas special for children in need.  With this single goal, the massive undertaking began and was a great success.

Thanks to everyone’s hard work and dedication, the Pulaski County Christmas Store has been able to brighten Christmas for nearly 7,000 children living in Pulaski County in our first seven years.